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An Android App For The 6 Zone 6 Source Amps

One of the most popular whole home audio amplifiers on the market just got a whole lot sweeter. Control the amplifier from your android phone, create logical zone groups, and much more.

Zone Grouping

You can’t physically group zones together, but you can logically with this app.

Quick All On or All Off Buttons

You can quickly turn all zones on or off.

Pull Down To Refresh

You can easily pull down to refresh all of the zones statuses.

Custome the App Colors

Customize the app colors with any hex color value you want, making the possibilities endless.

See the current source and volume

Quickly and easily see what each zone has for it’s volume number, and source.

Watch a Demo

Watch a demonstration of the app in use. The app is always getting updated, so the video could be out of date with the current version. But you get the idea!

Awesome Right?

Gain total control over the most affordable whole home audio system… enough said.

Need support? Email [email protected]